HIND TAOUFIQ (MA) – Facebook

  • Very well-known dancer and choreographer, coming from Morocco.
  • Currently, she lives in Paris.
  • She specializes in the dances of Morocco, Egypt and the Middle East.
  • Can find perfection, meaning and substance in everything.
  • Hind danced with perfect masters like Aèda Nour, Dina, Yousry Sharif or Momo Kadous.
  • She embodies the contemporary expression of oriental dance.
  • Regularly performs, teaches and organizes workshops not only in France, but also around the world.
  • Actively participates in the creation of a new generation of oriental dancers.


  • Dominica is a well-known oriental dance instructor with incredible talent from Warsaw.
  • She is one of the first person, who pursue to Tribal Fusion in Poland, into the oriental dance brings the fresh breeze, which she deliberately combines with traditional features.
  • She performs like a soloist and at groups on the biggest world festivals of oriental dance and Tribal Fusion.
  • Since 2004, she has been teaching dance in Warsaw and she has held countless workshops all over Poland and abroad (Ryga, Miami, Helsinki, Berlin, etc.).
  • She is studying a dance directly in Cairo, the city where this dance originates and where she spent whole summer season dancing
    on a live music.

SHALYMAR (DE) – Facebook

  • Shalymar is a sensual and elegant dancer from Berlin.
  • Her love of Arabic music brought her to the oriental dance, which one she has dedicated her life ever since.
  • She is dancing and teaching internationally.
  • Her dance is characterized by background dance styles (ballet, jazz and modern dance), which always she likes to connect with her loved Egyptian style – creating a totally unique fusion.
  • Presents her experiences and art in her famous dance school “Haylal” in Berlin, which she founded and co-runs with a colleague Amira Almaas.
  • From the beginning, she was part of the Jillina Carlano team during the spectacular ”Bellydance Evolution”, where she danced in all four productions and continued to create a choreography for the latest performance.

EGLAL (CZ) – Web

  • Professional dancer and teacher of belly dancing with practice from Bohemia and abroad.
  • She is also a soloist of Bellydance Evolution, of the famous Jillina Carlano..
  • She organizes dance classes, yoga classes and seminars in Prague, regularly aranges events, festivals and various dance performances.
  • Already opened a new dance and movement relaxation studio for women focused on Oriental Dance and Yoga – Studio PURE in 2007 in the center of Prague. 

SAHAR (CZ) – Web

  • Dancer, lecturer and choreographer.
  • During her dance way she completed many seminars.
  • She was learning from important lecturers from around the world.
  • She is graduated like lecturer at the Oriental dance academy at lady Mila el Kral.
  • Certificate holder Ahlan wa sahlan – Intensive teacher course from Cairo.


  • Formations playing to Arabian drums – Darbuky.
  • The love of music and the joy of drumming, but also the camaraderie, is connecting them.
  • The group was formed after a roughly two-year preparation under the leadership
    Míry Čipery, one of the Czech pioneers playing to darbuka.
And other great guests. Really, you have something to look forward to. 🙂